With more than 50 presentations to be streamed and no less than 12 live panels to be featured over two days, industry experts Avi Nowitz and Eitan Vesely have been confirmed as speakers at the virtual event.

Exploring the growing importance of digitalization and embracing the digital evolution, the paper ‘SKF Enlight AI – Automated Machine Learning’ will focus on how connecting assets to cloud computing is a first step in unlocking the insights hidden in big data – however, you determine its value.  

Machine learning algorithms identify data anomalies within the vast amounts of generated data. By automating machine learning, these algorithms can easily scale to analyze and identify early failure patterns in data from critical assets.

Automated Machine Learning (AML) uses AI algorithms to choose the best machine earning models for analysing different datasets and is continuously evaluating its own performance. AML allows SKF Enlight AI to offer a predictive maintenance solution that is simple to scale, deploy and act on. The Conference team looks forward to announcing further updates and additional confirmed speakers at Hillhead Digital. For more information or to register your interest in presenting in the Digitalization stream click here.