Euro Auction, Leeds UK – Europe’s biggest plant and machinery sale attracts audience and buyers from over 90 countries

Again, the Euro Auctions UK site in Leeds proves it is Europe’s number one sales arena for the sale of construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and industrial plant, with over 4,600 lots going over the ramp in this this four-day August sale.

Following Euro Auctions traditional summer recess, the August sale at the ‘flag ship’ site in Leeds provided buyers with no shortage of good quality equipment and machinery, and plenty of choice of makes, and models from over 4,600 lots that went over the ramp and a total hammer of £32 million.

Operating on three levels, the August sale was run as a ‘live sale’ with floor bidders buying on the day, which was supplemented by the live sale being streamed live, ‘on-line’ attracting 69% of all bidding and successful buying activity. The last day of this four-day sale culminated in an ‘timed sale’ on the Saturday.

Market Trends

Chris Osborne, one of Euro Auctions territory managers for the UK comments on the sale,

“The current OEM supply-chain is still strangled, with delivery times still quoted well into 2022, giving the used machinery and equipment market huge appeal. My colleagues and I have been working hard with vendors to source, secure and consign for each Euro Auctions sale the best, late, low hours equipment we can find, and we are still finding new and unregistered machines, which our buyers like. This sale drew a solid crowd, and with Covid restrictions relaxing it was evident from the first-time registrations and the new faces in the crowd, that the used equipment market has huge appeal, and it was good to see so many new faces in the crowd.”

“Looking for a market trend, it was the smaller equipment items and machinery that were grabbing the attention of buyers, such as: mini diggers, site dumpers, 6T excavators, man-lifts, skid-steer loaders, with interest strong and bidding brisk. Talking to buyers it was evident that the smaller infrastructure and the domestic construction market had surged since Covid rules had relaxed, and contractors were acquiring equipment for specific projects, house building, landscaping projects, surfacing and civils projects. That said, the bigger ticket items were still grabbing the attention of buyers, and across the board commercial vehicles were in high demand.”

Whilst 515 consignors from 20 countries participated in this sale, it was the home market that made the auction their own, with 90% of all vendors coming from the UK. With growing interest in Euro Auctions, sale on sale, 20% of vendors sent equipment to the sale for the first time, another indication of the strength of the market.

Since Covid, bidder numbers at Euro Auctions, Leeds, have remained strong, with repeatedly 3,500+ bidders registering at each sale. At the August sale, 3,200 bidders participated with 15% being first time registrations, with 35% buying on the day. One statistic that Euro Auctions has seen over the last 18 months is that bidders and buyers are loyal to their own ‘country’ sale, with this being no exception, with the top bidding countries being: UK, Republic of Ireland, Poland, Netherlands and Spain. 

By world region, the top buyers were:

United Kingdom          £16.6 million               51.8% of total

Europe                         £14.4 million               44.97% of total

Middle East                 £457,000                     1.4% of total

Africa                          £418,000                     1.3% of total

Rest of the World       £98,000                       0.37% of total

Prices were strong – notable lots sold at this sale include:

Tractors                                                                                                             £ sterling

2012 John Deere 6830 4WD Tractor, Front Suspension, 3 Spool Valves, A/C           31,000

2015 Valtra T174 ACTIVE 4WD Tractor, Front Linkage, Front PTO                           50,000

2008 New Holland T7030 4WD Tractor, Rear Suspension, Air Brakes                      26,000

2011 New Holland T6050 4WD Tractor, Front Suspension, Cab Suspension             29,000

6 T Excavator                                                                                                             

2017 CAT 308E2CR 450mm Rubber Block Pads, Blade, Offset, A/C                        38,000

2017 Hitachi ZX85USB-5A 450mm Rubber Block Pads, Blade, Offset, Piped, A/C   34,000

2017 Yanmar VIO80-1A Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped, Aux Piped    29,500

2015 Kobelco SK85MSR-3E Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped, A/C        33,000

2016 CAT 308E2CR Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped, Aux. Piping         35,000

2018 Kubota KX080-4 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped, Aux Piping      37,000

10 T Excavators

2020 Doosan DX140LC 600mm Pads, Blade, CV, Piped, Reverse Camera, A/C        72,000

2019 Hitachi ZX130LCN-6 700mm Pads, Piped, Reverse Camera, A/C                     68,000

2016 Hyundai Robex R160LC-9A 700mm Pads,VG, CV, QH, Piped, A/C                    35,000

2019 Hitachi ZX135US-6 700mm Pads, CV, QH, Piped, 3 Way Camera, A/C             67,500

2018 CAT 313FL  700mm Pads, Piped, Aux. Piping, Reverse & Blind Spot camera  55,000

2019 JCB JS130LC 700mm Pads, VG, CV, QH, Piped, Reverse Camera                     52,000

20 T Excavators

2021 Doosan DX225LC 600mm Pads, CV, Piped, Reverse Camera, A/C                    85,000

2018 CAT 330FL 800mm Pads, Reverse Camera, A/C                                           109,000

2016 Doosan DX300LC-5 800mm Pads,CV, QH, Demolition Cage, A/C,                    72,000

2015 Komatsu PC360LC-10 800mm Pads, CV, QH, Piped, Reverse Camera, A/C     56,000

2020 Hitachi ZX350LC-6  800mm Pads, VG, CV, QH, Piped, Aux, 3 Way Camera     151,000

2018 Hitachi ZX210LC-6 700mm Pads, VG, CV, QH, Piped, Aux. Piping                    74000

2017 CAT 320FL 700mm Pads, CV, QH, Piped, Blind Spot & Reverse Camera         68000

2018 JCB 220X L 4F 700mm Pads, VG, CV, QH, Piped, Reverse Camera                  65000


2019 Bobcat E26 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped                                22,500

2018 Kubota U55-4 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped, Aux. Piping, A/C   30,000

2012 Kubota KX121-3ST Rubber Tracks, Hydraulic Tilting Blade, Piped, A/C            15,500

2011 Kubota U48-4 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, QH, Piped                                   18,000


2017 Komatsu D65PX-18 Straight Blade & Tilt, Reverse Camera, Apex Pads          104,000

2014 Komatsu D61PX-23 6 Way Pat Blade, Reverse Camera, A/C                           60,000

2013 Komatsu D65PX-17 Straight Blade & Tilt, Reverse Camera, A/C                     62,000

Site Dumpers

2017 Ausa D1000AP 10 Ton Dumper, Roll Bar                                                      14,500

2016 Thwaites 9 Ton Dumper, Roll Bar                                                                18,000

2011 Thwaites 9 Ton Swivel Skip Site Dumper, Roll Bar                                        11,500

2008 Thwaites 10 Ton Dumper, Roll Bar                                                               7,000

Back Hoe Loaders

2021 Case 770EX Magnum Turbo Backhoe Loader                                                28,000

2018 JCB 3CX P21 ECO Turbo Powershift Backhoe Loader, QH, Piped, SRS             48,000

2013 CAT 432F Powershift Backhoe Loader, CV, QH, Piped, 4in1 Bucket, A/C         38,000

2013 JCB 3CX P21 ECO Turbo Powershift Sitemaster Backhoe Loader, QH, Piped   36,000

Wheeled Excavators

2008 Hyundai Robex R140W-7A, Blade, Stabilisers CV, QH, Piped, A/C                   32,500

2017 JCB HD110WT, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped, Aux. Piping, 3 Piece Boom, A/C  57,000

2009 Fuchs MHL320 Material Handler, Hi Rise Cab, Rotating Selector Grab,          27,500

2015 Komatsu PW98R, Blade, Offset, CV, 3 Piece Boom & Dipper                          31,000

Articulated Dumptrucks

2017 Bergmann 3012RPLUS 4×4 Swivel Skip Articulated Dumptruck, A/C               60,000

2008 Volvo A40E 6×6 Articulated Dumptruck, Tail Gate, Reverse Camera, /CC       41,000

2007 Volvo A30D 6×6 Articulated Dumptruck, Reverse Camera, A/C                       38,000

2017 Bergmann 3012RPLUS 4×4 Swivel Skip Articulated Dumptruck, Reverse cam   60,000


2017 JCB 540-140 Hi Viz Turbo Powershift Telehandler, Sway, Reverse Camera    35,500

2008 JCB 535-140 Turbo Powershift Telehandler, Sway, WLI                               22,000

2014 Manitou MT1335 Turbo Telehandler, Joystick Controls, Sway, WLI, Forks      28,000

2015 JCB 535-125 Hi Viz Turbo Powershift Telehandler, Reverse Camera, Forks    27,000

Upcoming Auctions – Register for upcoming Euro Auction & Yoder & Frey Sales

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27th September                       Euro Auctions              Dubai, UAE     

20th September                       Euro Auctions              Zaragoza, Spain

Euro Auctions attracts buyers and sellers in 95 countries, with all Euro Auctions sales attracting a growing number of international machinery buyers. Full details for consignors and bidder catalogues for these events available on the Euro Auctions website at www.euroauctions.com email info@euroauctions.com or on +44 (0) 2882 898262.