Emission-free compressor – Atlas Copco


Emission-free compressor assists rock stabilization works in Bastei’s national park, Germany

Imagine a fairytale bridge, nested in a spectacular rock formation of a nature reserve in Saxony, Germany. This is the site where Jähnig GmbH Felssicherung handles an extensive rock stabilization project that will ensure visitors’ safety.

The company relies on an Atlas Copco electric mobile compressor, which is completely emission-free, quiet, and exactly the right fit for their pneumatic equipment.

Bastei bridge in Saxony, Germany is a monumental bridge spanning over spectacular sandstone rock formations and part of a Unesco World Heritage Site. At the end of this beautiful landmark, a viewpoint offers a breath-taking view over the national park and the river Elbe, snaking its way through the landscape 200m below.

It is right underneath this viewpoint that Jähnig GmbH Felssicherung is consolidating the porous rock, installing safety nets that will keep the viewpoint stable.

Keeping quiet and saving fuel costs

Jähnig GmbH Felssicherung is a specialist when it comes to rock stabilization projects in challenging conditions. The fragile surroundings require the company to keep noise to an absolute minimum and an electric E-Air VSD compressor does just that. At the same time, the compressor is plugged into an existing power supply, so Jähnig avoids costly diesel top-ups as well as exhaust gases. The project has taken 8 months to complete, so those fuel and emission savings are mounting up.

Adjustable pressure for flexible compressed air

Jähnig uses their compressor to drill the special anchors and press special suspensions to keep the rocks in place. These drilling operations require various pressure settings, which is right up to alley of the E-Air VSD compressor. PACE technology allows the operator to digitally choose a specific pressure, that matches the pneumatic tool.

Soon the Bastei bridge viewpoint platform can reopen to tourists from all over the world, and the fauna and flora will remain undisturbed, thanks to the expertise of Jähnig GmbH Felssicherung and their choice for electric equipment.