Electric Avenue with Collins Earthworks. 


UKPO Magazine were recently invited by Collins Earthworks to visit the Ball Eye quarry in Derbyshire. Here the company has, since the end of 2023, owned the right to produce their own certified aggregates, which are being used on Collins Earthworks projects throughout the Midlands. 

In addition we were able to see first hand the four brand new, fully electric, Volvo FMXE Globetrotter, 44 ton tipper trucks and the rapid chargers that are in place on site. 

The new all electric tipper trucks complement the 100 plus fleet of HGV’s the company operates. 

Our trip took us  further up the quarry to watch the main processing area in action where type 1 subbase is crushed. 

The process of extraction occurs every two weeks when the rock face is blasted. The oversize material is then reduced and processed using a Volvo excavator and breaker, the resulting material is then fed in the GIPO 130 impact crusher. 

Currently, and while the quarry gets up to full capacity, around 2000 tonnes of aggregates are processed each day. 

The material is then transported to the main storage area where it is loaded onto the road going electric Volvo trucks. 

The trucks each push out 666 bhp, weigh 44 tonnes and have a 300km range, the rapid chargers are situated on the impressive newly laid concrete apron and can charge the trucks in under two hours. 

These environmentally friendly trucks are reducing the carbon emissions for Collins Earthworks and are so much quitier for the local community. 

There is still more to learn about how the trucks can be further optimised, if you watch the video you will hear from wagon driver Max… who gives his view and opinion.  

Many thanks to Nathan Warner who hosted and was on hand for an interview as we toured the site, on what was an interesting and fascinating visit. 

Clearly much more to come from Collins Earthworks who have big ideas and projects no doubt in the pipeline. 

Watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klDvFCfCAGw