DROMONE Launches New Multi-Lock Experience


Dromone have officially launched the Multi-Lock Experience to our website! The Multi-Lock Experience is a web-based training tool that allows for quick access to an interactive quick coupler procedure using any device with a web browser.

Our aim was to develop a training tool that enabled easy access to quick and highly effective training. With safety at the heart of the Multi-Lock Quick Coupler, the 3D platform was developed by a team of internal and external professionals to successfully educate those who use or desire to use the Multi-Lock coupler.

The Multi-Lock Experience is fully interactive, giving the experience of performing an attachment change whilst highlighting key points about the locking mechanisms. DROMONE believes that when it comes to learning a procedure, practice makes perfect. User manuals are still provided with all relevant safety information and should be available in the cab of any machine at all times.

The interactive experience will impress on operators speed, efficiency and world class safety built in to every Multi-Lock coupler that we make. Using 3D animation helps to illustrate the working principles and safety features of the Multi-Lock. The interactive procedure steps allows users to learn at their own pace.