The infrastructure of the USA and the heavy construction equipment that builds it was centre stage in the nation’s capital this week, and DEVELON was among the brands that participated in the special event on the National Mall.

Hosted by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), the Celebration of Construction took place on Sunday 14 May through to Tuesday 16 May, in Washington, D.C., with two dozen participating AEM members. DEVELON featured its DL320-7 wheel loader and its exclusive Transparent Bucket technology.

The Transparent Bucket technology provides supplemental visual perspective and allows operators to ‘see through’ the bucket from an in-cab display. This feature increases operator visibility and reduces the risk of jobsite accidents. The DL320-7 also featured the new around view monitor (AVM) — providing up to 270 degrees of visibility — and an object detection system.

“DEVELON was excited to be invited to participate in the 2023 Celebration of Construction event,” says Todd Roecker, the company’s Vice President of Growth Initiatives. “This not only provided us with a chance to promote our new brand but, more importantly, raised awareness of the importance of construction equipment safety.

Roecker joined a panel of industry leaders on Monday and addressed the issue of jobsite safety.

“Our industry can be a high-hazard environment, so providing safer jobsites through improved technologies on our equipment is an important step in minimizing these risks. We enjoyed participating in the special event and showcasing some of the latest technology for our wheel loaders. The 2023 Celebration of Construction was the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of this topic to key officials who can influence our industry.”

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