A fleet of Doosan machines supplied by DUO Operations, part of DUO Group Holdings Limited, is central to the smooth running of Carnsew Quarry in Cornwall in England. Along with West of England Quarry, Carnsew Quarry is one of two locations in the Colas Cornwall Quarries division. Both are hard rock quarries, providing a wide range of quarry products and asphalt to the local market by road, and further afield by road and sea.

The Doosan products have been supplied to Colas under a long-term hire agreement with DUO Operations to assist in the operation of Carnsew Quarry and to ensure the quarry runs smoothly. 

The Doosan equipment supplied by DUO Operations includes two DA40-5 articulated dump trucks (ADTs), which support the haulage between the primary and secondary crushing operations.Working alongside are Doosan DL450-5 and DL550-5 wheel loaders used to stockpile quarry products, plus load the ADTs and road trucks delivering to sites around the area. The Doosan fleet from DUO is completed by a pair of Doosan DX380LC-5 crawler excavators that load the secondary crusher and assist with breaking.

All the Doosan equipment supplied by DUO Operations comes standard with DoosanCONNECT advanced state-of-the-art telematics. Using the data provided by DoosanCONNECT, DUO Operations reports directly to Colas on a monthly basis. 

This supplies Colas with information on fuel efficiencies, fuel levels, fault codes, warnings and for the ADTs, it shows load counts. All of this information is useful to Colas and enables the company to plan and maximise the profitability at Carnsew Quarry. It also gives Colas a good indication of the cost per tonne. DUO Operations also provides Colas with details on any operator faults and to offer advice and feedback to prevent any future maintenance issues.

With an extensive range of equipment available for hire, from ADTs and bulldozers to graders and material handlers, all backed by industry knowledge and understanding, DUO Operations can provide customers with equipment that is exactly right for their needs.  

DUO Group Holdings Limitedis a market leading company that provides the aggregate, recycling and material handling industries with a comprehensive package of complete processing solutions, including specific industrial applications for quarrying, recycling, waste, bulk handling industries and transport infrastructure.  

Doosan, one of the world’s leading construction and quarrying equipment manufacturers, offers a broad selection of products including crawler and wheeled excavators (with operating weights from 1 to 80 tonne), wheel loaders (covering capacities from 1.9 to 6.4 m3) and ADTs (with maximum payloads up to 41 tonne).