If you need a new crusher or want to replace stationary plant you will need to consider a number of factors: desired output, targeted amount of production, installation stage, maintenance costs and process. But mainly your choice will need to be cost-effective.

MB Crusher attachments are portable jaw crushers which work using the hydraulics of the heavy equipment where they are mounted. Reliable, robustly constructed, easy to maintain, easy and safe to operate, the could be solution for your needs.

Crusher attachments do not need any special transport to be moved. They move attached to the carrier, it is as simple as that.

In Latvia, an MB customer has been accumulating granite in its sand quarry as an overburden. Stockpiling the rocks was a waste, so it attached a BF90.3 jaw crusher to its Volvo EC220 excavator to process the rocks directly at the quarry in a one-man one-machine job.

Without the MB Crusher self-contained plant, they had two choices to process the pile of granite, either take it to another quarry where they have a mobile crusher or bring the mobile crusher with special haulage to this quarry. Both scenarios were expensive, so to avoid wasting money they kept accumulating. Now the attachment permits them to reduce the granite, reduce the cost per ton of the product obtained and sell the reduced rocks at a competitive price while still making a good profit.