The Isle of Man Government has embarked on a £25 million investment project in its capital Douglas. The project, code-named MyProm, will see a complete overhaul of the popular promenade and the first reconstruction of the highway since 1935. The initial stages are already underway by groundworks company Stephen Christian & Sons, involving the installation of a new utility system of electric, water, gas, telecoms and street lighting.At the heart of this activity is a CASE Construction Equipment TR270 Compact Track Loader with CASE T450 Rock Wheel attachment. 

“This is a landmark project for the Douglas community,” explains Richard Christian, Director of Stephen Christian & Sons. “We’re trusted with a project that means a lot to the people who live here. It will drive additional tourism to this area and improve the livelihoods of those who work in our island’s capital. We’ve worked with Manx Utilities for many years and a big part of this longstanding relationship is the quality of our work and the reliability of our equipment.” 

Stephen Christian & Sons has been a CASE customer for over 30 years with a current fleet of ten CASE machines. CASE dealer Dennis Barnfield Ltd recommended the CASE TR270 Compact Track Loader and the CASE T450 Rock Wheel attachment. 

“The CASE Compact Track Loader is unrivalled when it comes to utilities work,” explains Graham Barnfield, Managing Director, Dennis Barnfield Ltd. “It may be compact, but it packs a punch when it comes to power and torque and it delivers consistent performance in the most demanding conditions. We supplied a high-flow hydraulics package with this machine to deliver as much power as possible to the rock wheel. This package supplies 55% more flow than the standard hydraulics package and comes with a 14-pin electric plug socket to operate the attachment. This genuine CASE Rock Wheel attachment gives the operator complete control while digging trenches with ease.”

“Trenching is demanding on our operators,” continues Richard Christian. “They have to work fast against tight deadlines and that means long days. The CASE Compact Track Loader performs consistently and reliably in these challenging conditions. The cab is quiet, spacious and comfortable, with full air conditioning and radio, so operators can work the long hours needed to get the job done without fatigue.

“There is nothing else on the market quite like the CASE T450 Rock Wheel attachment.It’s a great tool for our utility contracts and cuts through the road with ease. On the Douglas promenade job, we’re cutting through 200mm of reinforced concrete and 50mm of asphalt with no problems. The tool creates a consistent trench every time, cutting to the exact width of the wheel, which is perfect for the micro-trenching needed for telecom jobs. When you’re creating kilometres of trenching, the time savings add up. Put simply, the rock wheel saves us time and money while ensuring that we deliver a consistently high standard of work.”

The CASE T450 Rock Wheel is also available for the new CASE B-series range of Skid Steer Loader, launched in March 2020. 

“Attachments only increase the versatility of CASE compact machines,” said Joseph O’Grady, Business Director Northern Europe, CASE Construction Equipment. “A landmark project like the redevelopment on the promenade in Douglas offers the ideal arena to showcase the power and flexibility the machines offer. We are delighted that it has been such a success and look forward to seeing how the works progress.”