Brenner Road – traffic relief in sight


More than 20,000 m of self-drilling anchors drilled by a KEMM drilling rig

An 8 km long Brixen-Vahrn bypass is being built to relieve the heavily frequented Brenner Road and to reduce through traffic in the Italian villages.

The final 1.5 km section of the bypass between the Brixen Nord junction and Vahrn is currently under construction. In addition to the Brenner Motorway traffic, an average of 10,000 to 15,000 vehicles use the Brenner road near Vahrn every day.

The new bypass will divert most of this through traffic and the improved traffic situation will lead to a higher quality of life in the region.

On the last stretch of the Vahrn bypass a KLEMM KR 801-3GK anchor drilling rig is being used to secure the retaining walls. The conditions at the construction site are proving to be a great challenge for man and machine. Large granite blocks need to be drilled through and the drilling rig needs to reach extreme drilling points, both below and to the side of the machine itself. 

These are the reasons why the KR 801-3GK universal drilling rig with its powerful hydraulic hammer and unique drilling boom kinematics was chosen for the job.

The kinematics are especially versatile for anchor drilling, and a wide range of drilling positions is possible. The drilling rig itself is self-levelling – which means that it can be completely stabilized on the particularly uneven terrain at this construction site – allowing the operator a safe and easy handling.

The rig, which has been rented to the consortium by BAUER Macchine Italia, has already been used to drill over 10,000 m of self-drilling anchors from July to the end of September. The construction management expects that well over 20,000 m will be reached after completion.