Synergy Hire, headquartered in Letchworth in Hertfordshire, boasts an impressive fleet of in excess of 900 Hitachi wheeled and crawler excavators, ranging in size from 3t to over 50t.

Synergy’s mission is to provide the most technologically advanced products and services within the equipment hire industry, and delivering safety solutions for its customers is very much part of Synergy’s remit.

It was Synergy’s commitment to safety that led the company to Xwatch Safety Solutions, Garry Orr Synergy Hire’s Director of Operations explains, “I first met Dan and was introduced to the Xwatch product in May 2019, soon after we adopted the Xwatch system for height and slew as standard.

Our customers and operators like the ease of use associated with Xwatch and the feedback we receive from operators are that you can’t match the simplicity and ease of use of the on-board computer systems. The partnership that we have with Dan and Xwatch will continue to grow in the coming years as we continue to expand our fleet.”

Dean Hardy, Head of Business Development, Synergy Hire commented, “Synergy hire was one of the very first hire companies to choose Xwatch to be their sole supplier for digital height and slew systems. This decision was due to the Xwatch system being so operator friendly and that the XW suite of products are also capable of interfacing with other systems to offer additional safety. We also get great technical support and reliable service and installations.

Many of our large infrastructure clients require us to fit our excavators with a dedicated slew and height restriction system for their projects. We have tried several manufacturers’ systems and have found that the Xwatch products are by far the best available.”

Dean concluded, “We currently have 130 systems in our fleet and there are a further 27 to be fitted on new machines arriving before Christmas.”

The Synergy Hitachi machines are all working on high-profile infrastructure projects around the country which includes HS2. The fleet is supplied through Hitachi in the North East, the Xwatch systems are fitted at the dealer’s Port of Tyne facility by specialist Xwatch-trained engineers.

Xwatch Sales and Operations Director Dan Leaney said, “We have worked with Synergy Hire since our launch to market. The company was the first plant hirer to specify Xwatch as standard on its Hitachi fleet. We are delighted that Synergy continues to support Xwatch and would like to thank them for their ongoing commitment to us and the safety of its customers.”

Dan also commented on Synergy’s observations that ‘a key feature of Xwatch’s technology is ensuring it is easy to use for operators’. Dan said, “ We have designed our systems to be very simple with just a few pushes of buttons necessary – we hope that combining improved comfort with ease of use will better encourage operators to utilize the safety technology on a regular basis.”