UK Plant Operators TOP 05 operator trick video’s


During our few years of social media we have come across lots and lots of viral video’s involving machinery of some description performing some task or trick,  some funny, some outright dangerous, but just a few caught our eye as cool little challenges, and very achievable at at that,  I mean we are all experienced operator here.

Here is the challenge, if you think you could do better than any of these challenges, film it, send us the video and we will pay you £20 if posted on our page.


Upload your video here:


Here are our top five video’s from YouTube..

01, Here is my personal favourite, I know its fake but its the comedy aspect that’s attached, I think is brilliant, I’d also like to think i could actually do this myself as a party piece maybe .

02, Big boys toys and little boy toys combined,  watch this operator build a truck from Lego bricks.


03, From September 2014 this viral video had a massive 142,00 views on YouTube  but I’m not entirely sure you could do this! (Maybe a magnet)

04, How many of you plant operators think you could do this,  if you can recreate this video then send it in you could earn your self £20


05, Here at number 05 we have an excavator driver closing a drinks bottle lid with the bucket tooth of his CASE excavator.