The CEA looks forward to new Police Resource in support of the CESAR network

Organisational and priority changes within the Metropolitan Police led to the suspension of the activities of the Plant and Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (PANIU) earlier this year. The CEA confirms that it is looking forward to the formation of a new national police resource to co-ordinate the fight against plant theft and complement the work of the CESAR Network and that of the Combined Industries Theft Solutions group (CITS).

Rob Oliver, Chief Executive of the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) explains;

“The main donors providing funding for PANIU came from the insurance industry. Consequent on the suspension of that unit, we are working closely with insurance representatives and key national policing leads with the objective of forming a new national police resource. This is providing us with the opportunity to ensure there is an alignment of the work of the police, the CESAR Network, CITS and others dedicated to combating plant theft in all its forms”.


Keith Dolbear, chair of the CEA’s CESAR Review Committee also confirmed;

“Whilst the details concerning the formation of a new dedicated police unit are being worked through, the industry can continue to call on the expertise of the CESAR team. This includes the 24/7 “hotline” and the continuing links with police forces up and down the country. Support for the CESAR scheme, and its growing number of applications, has never been stronger”.

David Smith, chair of CITS, echoed the earlier comments, stating;

“CITS, since its inception, has always worked closely with police units from around the UK, and welcomes the formation of this new resource. We will support it in the fight to tackle theft and fraud, which affects the construction and agricultural industries.” 

The CESAR hotline number is 03450 700 440.