Tielana is a productive and powerful.

– Lifting and tilting all the ends of the items in a single movement, thus tielana is easy to use and accurate adjustment, as well as secure when you can concentrate on the driving.


– The road can be treated with the desired inclination of the whole traffic lane width, an inclinometer the help. Extra width gives the blade side and crab steering (dog visit).

– The outer bend of the road treatment is successful to turn a single stroke ring paganism, thanks.

– Adequate blade angles, tielana is a light pull, reducing fuel consumption and the use of a smaller base of the machine is possible.

– Tappiterien operating costs are low.

– The blade is easy to maintain because the blade retracts from the ground up sufficiently.

– The safety of more user-friendliness Road Drag and good daytime running lights (LED flashing lights), as well as the color fender.

– Thanks to tielana mudguard stays clean – optimum tire diameter deck gives good visibility behind the already lanatulle on the surface of the ring and the deck surface pressure is maximized at the same time.

Tielana makes a good quality.

– Trade flows certainly well-designed blade angles, (lanausnopeus 10 … 12 km / h).

– Is sufficiently rough and an angle of the blade is high enough to ensure a good evening out of the material path (lanausnopeus 10 … 12 km / h).

– A rough big support wheels ensure a smooth workmanship.

– Oversized hydraulic cylinders provide precise control of all the blades in the same orientation, saving hydraulic hoses distribution of components for low pressure hydraulics, thanks.