Marubeni-Komatsu introduces the PC228USLC‐11, a new “All Round” short‐tail excavator.


Komatsu’s expert excavator technology for forestry and urban jobsites

The new Komatsu PC228USLC‐11 ultra‐short tail excavator proposes advances in lifting performance with a 6% lower fuel consumption, improved operator comfort, increased safety features and industry leading low in‐cab noise levels. Its rounded cab design, more compact than on a conventional excavator, allows it to rotate within the counterweight’s swing radius. The PC228USCL‐11 can easily manoeuvre in more areas, even on space‐constrained jobsites.


This upgraded Komatsu excavator offers all the benefits of the previous model, with lower operational costs and more versatility. Designed and equipped for maximum productivity and control it efficiently carries out digging, trenching, landscaping, site preparation or any other task required by our customers’ business.

Paul Dickinson, Product Manager at Komatsu Europe International states: “This new ultra‐short tail excavator does so much more than simply meet EU Stage IV emission regulations: it offers significant advances in fuel consumption, lift capacity and working envelope, provides 3G communications, improves operator comfort and includes new safety features. The new larger diameter boom raise cylinders provide much improved lifting capabilities and with the improved hydraulics, smoother operation and levelling.”

The latest KOMTRAX telematics and the Komatsu Care® maintenance program offer top fleet management and support, protect the machine against misuse and guarantee maximum efficiency and uptime.

Ultra‐low emissions and low costs

Operating weights of the PC228USLC‐11 range from 23.600 kg to 24.150 kg. It is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D107E‐3 engine, EU Stage IV emissions‐certified, with a net horsepower of 123 kW (165 HP) @ 2.000 rpm.

Komatsu’s advanced electronic control system manages the airflow rate, fuel injection, combustion parameters and aftertreatment functions: the Komatsu EU Stage IV engine optimises performance, reduces emissions and provides advanced diagnostic capability. Komatsu customers benefit from lower fuel consumption with no loss of performance.

An integrated SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system further reduces NOx emissions using the AdBlue® additive.

Versatility and Efficiency

Powerful and precise the PC228USLC‐11 can perform a wide range of applications.

All major components, including the engine, hydraulic pumps, motors, and valves are exclusively designed and produced by Komatsu.

Larger boom raise cylinders, combined with an upgrade to the arm’s hydraulic circuit, improve the excavator’s lift capacity by up to 21%: heavy loads are placed easier, in a wider working range. The operator can get the job done correctly the first time, under any working conditions, thanks to the easy and smooth arm control.

Safety and Operator Comfort

A comfortable work environment further helps to maximise productivity. Specifically designed for hydraulic excavators, the ROPS‐certified cab gains strength from a reinforced box structure framework. It is mounted on rubber isolation dampers for low vibration levels. The sliding cab door allows unrestricted access / egress to the cab in confined spaces. The radio offers pre‐sets and an auxiliary USB input for connecting external devices. Two 12‐volt power ports are conveniently provided.

The new viscous fan clutch system reduces both power loss and engine load when maximum cooling is not required. It lowers fuel consumption and contributes to a class leading low in‐cab noise, 71dB(A).

Proportional control joysticks are standard and allow precise operation of attachments with comfort and ease. A new auto‐idle shutdown helps the machine to further decrease fuel consumption. The addition of the new Neutral Detection System reduces the risk of inadvertent operation.

A high‐resolution 7” TFT‐LCD widescreen colour monitor features enhanced capabilities and displays information in 26 languages for global support. It provides information on AdBlue® fluid level, Eco guidance, operational records, fuel consumption history and utilisation information.

Safety is further enhanced through Komatsu’s standard “KomVision” system, and its display on the monitor of a real‐time bird’s eye view of the PC228USLC‐11’s immediate surroundings. This helps to avoid jobsite incidents and accidental movement at start up.

New features of the Komatsu PC228USLC‐11:

  • 6% lower fuel consumption the industry best PC228USLC‐10.
  • Large diameter Boom Raise Cylinders – For enhanced performance and control.
  • KomVision® – Bird’s eye view visibility system fitted as standard.
  • EU Stage IV emissions compliant
  • Komatsu Selective Catalytic Reduction – (SCR) system, using AdBlue®, with integrated heating/ cooling system.
  • Auto idle shut down – Reduced fuel consumption, increased residual value, reduced service costs
  • Neutral Detection System – For industry leading safety.
  • 71dB(A) in‐cab noise – Increased comfort‐> Increased production.
  • Komtrax Step 5 – Peace of mind, Costs down.
  • Komatsu CARE – SCR system included in the Komatsu CARE product support package 5 year / 9,000 hrs warranty on the SCR body.