Health & Safety Advice for Plant operators (CPCS)


Plant Operators guide booklet.
This booklet is part of a range that have been produced by CITB-ConstructionSkills NI to provide advice and guidance on Health and Safety & training issues relating to persons working in the
Construction Industry such as Bricklayers, Joiners, Roofers, Plasterers, Painters & Decorators, Construction Operatives, Scaffolders, and Insulation Installers, with the aim of helping to eliminate
and reduce the risk of, accidents, injury and ill-health. The booklets are in an easy to usepocket-size format and will be a good reference point to both existing and new entrants working in the industry and will also provide advice to supervisors, managers and directors to help improve health and safety performance on site.
As there is a wide and ever increasing variety of mechanical plant and equipment in use in the construction Industry, alloperatorsmust be competent to perform their duties.
Manufacturers and suppliers of mechanical Plant and equipment have a duty under Health and Safety Legislation to provide information on any hazards associated with their products and advise
on their safe use. Users should ensure they are in possession of this information, and make certain that the drivers and operators are instructed accordingly.
Employers should establish a procedure designed to ensure tha only authorised drivers and operators use their plant and equipment. It is recommended that drivers and operators should he issued with Certificates of Authorisation by their employers.
Drivers should be in possession of an appropriate driving licence if machines are operated or driven on the public highway, e.g. Group H for track laying vehicles and group G for Road Rollers.
Unless proper provision has been made to carry passengers on a machine, or on any trailer being towed, the driver must be instructed not to carry passengers.
Drivers must be aware that mobile plant should be parked on firm, level ground when unattended, with the attachment lowered to the ground.

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