CITB Launch 2 new Tenstar Plant Training Simulators at Cambridge Careers day 2017

The Cambridge careers day 2017, initially set up by Highways England group in association with Cambridge College to help encourage much needed new blood into the construction industry in the form of apprenticeships for the younger generation in a bid to help fill the nationwide skills gap that’s currently affecting some of the major construction projects around the UK.


This event saw plant hire companies and major employers from all corners of the UK come together at the college for a first of its kind event, a total of 16 different companies exhibited  including Highway England, CITB, Flannery Plant hire Walters Group, Lynch Plant Hire, Blackwells, amongst many others,  all displaying different types of plant machinery and operator challenges including diggers, dumpers, industry related games all in a bid to encourage new comers into this once thriving industry, this combined with industry advice and careers advisors offering sound advice on potential paths into becoming a plant operator or site engineer.



The sure stars of the day were the TENSTAR plant training simulators that were on offer from Hawk Group, CITB, with UK Plant Operators & Lynch Plant Hire going one step further to demo a first of its kind full VR setup using the new Oclus rift system fully submersing the potential apprentices in to a virtual reality construction environment.


With the generation 3 simulator being the most popular in the industry today, we can now offer young and up and coming apprentices the chance to try operating machinery in a nice warm safe environment without massive cost to the potential employers,   this new process of introducing the candidate to simulation first helps the trainers gauge the key skills including the hand and eye coordination that’s so important to be a successful plant operator.

Experienced plant operators can also benefit from this state of the art training platform too, with the ability to connect machine control units like Topcon and Lecia to the simulator allows operators to learn the process of uploading files and basic setup of machine control, again in a nice warm environment with out massive cost,

These simulators have many different attachments and machine environments to choose from allowing you to match many existing site conditions and machine types to ensure the experience is as real as possible considering your on a simulator.

The Cambridge open day was hailed a massive success and people are finally starting to see the endless list of benefits that simulation can offer.

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