Is this the return of the trusty backhoe?


This machine has long to be thought of as a dying breed on UK construction sites, with 360 excavators tracked and wheeled fast becoming the norm, combined with the tilt rotate systems and various labour saving attachments now available t the operator , but after watching this video i think this might not be the last we see of the trusted backhoe, i know there a lot of things are different about this site and the methods being used,  but if this was adapted to the UK market especially the utilities and housing sectors, could be very successful..

You will probably agree this is one skilled plant operator.

What’s your thoughts?


Watch this video of the JCB 4CXbackhoe loader fitted with a Engcon tilt rotate system

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  1. Very good system with the engcon and full Iso controls for steering this machine setup would be great on the Christchurch rebuild in New Zealand

  2. Could you tell me who adapted this machine ??

  3. As a free Lance plant operator with nearly
    40 years experience. I find the standard
    Of young plants operators coming into
    Construction industry is very poor! .
    Too much emphasis is been put on
    Unnecessary theory work and very
    Little on practical training!
    Young operators should be made to
    Be banks men for a set period of
    Time .to learn how to set up and
    Correctly use the equipment they
    To be operating .

    • i agree with you to a point. to much theory not enough practical. the use of mobile phones and young operators flying about in the dumptrucks, to the digger driver with his head tilted to the side and trying to load you without banging your skip.all in a days NOT SO SAFE day at work.

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