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Workwear for the TUFF!

With its roots firmly planted in the heartland of Swedish textile industry, Blåkläder has a long and proud history of clothing production, both for the fashion industry and the industrial sector. After over 50 years in the business, this family-run company has gained a deep and genuine knowledge of how to produce clothing.

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Blåkläder is a growing company and we plan to continue on that path. Our vision is to spread functional workwear over the whole world. To do that, we need great production resources and perhaps most importantly, full control over production. Blåkläder owns its own factories, and that’s a conscious choice. It is, quite simply, the best way of ensuring quality in the long run. Not only in the end products, but also in fields such as working conditions, environmental concern and choice of suppliers.

To many times climbing in and out the machine my trousers have torn straight between the legs! Not only can this be embarrassing but its uncomfortable as hell . I‘ve found over the years a cheap £20/£30 pair of trousers just don’t cut it! So I went on a mission to find a pair of trousers that would last me ss well as being strong, comfortable with the durability of going through the wash several hundred times! I’ve gotta be honest I struggle with trousers because of my amazing machine driver adonis body with little legs (Short and fat). Until a came across the Blaklader X1900 work trousers! I mean really as if they Hung a car in the air off a pair of these trousers? No they didn’t they couldn’t leave it at crazy, They had to go all the way with three cars weighing 3.7Ton until they finally gave in!

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Functionall-y dressed, safe and good-looking, from the inside out.. The garments from Blåkläder just love dirty workshops, muddy building sites, weld spatter and grinding wheel sparks. Cold winter days, drizzle and biting winds are also welcome. This is because our garments are designed to protect you when you work in exposed environments. That’s why you will not find any ties from Blåkläder, but you will find garments which meet a professional’s demands for wear resistance and function. We believe that you demand as much from your working clothes as from your tools or your colleagues. So choose workwear that last. Choose Blåkläder.

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